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The positive feedback allows us to know we are meeting or exceeding our customer's needs, and it allows us to celebrate these achievements with our entire staff and to recognize the work of our team both collectively and on an individual basis. The negative feedback is also invaluable to our team as it provides us insight on methods to improve our service, create and conduct training for our staff, and generate new efficiencies in our overall processes on a day-to-day basis. We take all customer feedback very seriously and have now created new mechanisms to make it easier for customers to let us know what they think. All customers can now provide feedback on our service in three separate categories: support, sales, and billing.

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Indiable Technology .
Flat no.5,Sidhivinayak Arcade,
Near HDFC Bank,Takli Fata,
91-9145118307,  91-8806523254

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